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Original Typainting
You Took
Too Much Man
(Ally Pally)

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Its  a mix of an old typic I created from life, sitting outside the iconic and stunningly beautiful Alexandra Palace.

I always thought of this typic as unfinished and that I would go back with my typewriter to ‘complete’ it, yet lately I wanted to add to it from memory in paint. The memory to give something fluid, emotional and ambiguous amongst the ‘definite’ typed part; the paint to allow freedom in memory about the place, loose and instinctive in application.

The aim is to capture the thing I wanted to capture  in a realistic way, but to also allow and surround with a sense of the freedom and desire I don’t feel is conveyed in the typed parts .

This is an original typewriter art work, typed from life using typewriters only, on Arches 100% cotton watercolour paper.  Plus acrylic paint wash.

Comes in a gloss white frame.

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Dimensions 18 x 24 cm