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I love to take on commissions, because it means I often research &/or study something I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of looking into, so I pick up knowledge about a very specific subject in the time I’m working and that appeals to me.


I really enjoy the process of discussing concepts and ideas with clients; from that initial enquiry, to fleshing out the idea, sketching a rough composition that we mutually agree will translate well into my ‘language’, to actually creating the typic and making something utterly unique! If I am asked to type from life this transforms the experience even further, and I often end up making additional studies and sketchbook ideas for other outcomes.  After all, you can’t stop the ideas flowing !


I’ve worked with many companies as well as private individuals, creating bespoke typewriter art commissions of all manner of subjects, including portraits, houses, pets, objects, nature, school for ongoing personalised prints to name a few – for booksalbum artwork, magazines, beer mats, wine bottle label, promotional posters, even straightforward original typics to be hung on a wall! I’ve also been involved in creating time-lapse, promotional film footage, visuals for club nights. I find it really exciting pushing my art in different directions.

Just contact me if you want to discuss a new project, always happy to talk it over.

PREFER A PRINT, BUT DON’T SEE THE SUBJECT YOU’RE AFTER IN MY SHOP?  Often I will create the an original typic in order for a customer to purchase a limited edition print version (see prints in my shop for prices/sizes).  This way I retain the original and have created a commercial image – win-win! Contact me with ideas/photos if you wish to discuss this option.  Takes a few days generally, plus 2-3 business days to produce the print.

How much is a commission?

I can make suggestions for any budget, so please contact me if you have an idea. To give a rough ballpark for original commissioned works (depending on detail – best to call or email if you want to determine the exact costs):

– 10 x 10cm – £95 – £195

– up to A7 – £95 – £250
– up to A6/postcard – £300 – 450
– up to A5/ or 15 x 15cm square – £450 – 750
– up to A4 – £800 – £1200
– up to ‘KR Standard’ size 22 x 52cm – £1500-£2000
– up to ‘KR Standard A3’ 30 x 52cm – £2500-£3000

Longer, or multi-page works are entirely possible – the largest multi-page work I’ve created to date is 7 pages across (180 degree view of Chiswick High Road, measuring almost 2 metres wide).

Price excludes travel to location, framing, shipping, licensing fee for image reproduction rights – if required.

I look forward to hearing from you, wherever you are in the world !