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Typing for Wellbeing @ the Affordable Art Fair

Typing for Wellbeing @ the Affordable Art Fair

When Sam of the Affordable Art Fair invited me to come and live type at the Late View at London’s Battersea Park, I thought.. “what part of what I do has an element of [their Spring 2017 theme] ‘wellbeing’?” The first thing I thought of was the exchange and interaction I get when I’m typing in the street, I get a massive buzz from this even when Ive gone out feeling very uninspired I come away feeling amazingly excited. I want to see how far that feeling is shared.

So I decided that when I type what I see this evening, I’d like to take the interactions that occur a step further by inviting the people curious enough to have their eye or other body part typed to respond, to allow each study to trigger a deeper interaction.  This way we allow anything to happen and evolve to somewhere unknown.  Personally I can’t think of a better feeling of wellbeing than an unexpected, deep connection with a stranger.

I’ll be uploading the two elements here as and when my subjects return the gesture. Who knows what we could make together.  Lets see !…….

If you had an encounter at the event on 9th March, please get in touch with your response to the typing, or the conversation you had together, or anything to do with it..  Excited to see/hear from you, and you might see the two pieces together here soon!