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Moniker Art Fair 2013

Moniker Art Fair 2013

I was offered a strange spot at the 2013 Moniker Art Fair – a pillar, basically and some floor space somewhat slap-bang in the middle of things.

I decided to explore the themes of anonymity and sharing for this performance from the private view night (Thursday) right through until the end (Sunday evening).

I wanted to see what would happen if I gave (some of) the control/spotlight away to whoever was in the typist’s position at any given time time.

I created a small, cosy intimate spot where the aim was to welcome others to come and use my typewriter to type anything they liked, using one of my favourite old typewriters.   By allowing visitors to type freely, a background ‘texture’ or noise was made all over the page/s.  The Noise Made By People, if you will.  I was thinking about how people will just have a go on an old typewriter in a charity shop and aren’t conscious about who might would read it or know who had written it.

The DJ madmoiselle Jayne invited me to type up by the decks on the Friday and Sat evening, so the final image is straight figure-typing, from the same weekend.

Photos by Emilia Orving.