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Collaboration with Johanna Parkin ‘The Elements’

Collaboration with Johanna Parkin ‘The Elements’

When Johanna and I met the first time it was clear that we could work together.

Our backgrounds and interests meant the ideas for what we could make were endless.

We decided to keep it simple and came up with the Elements – How Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth would affect a typewriter/typings. I personally loved that the wind would blow the letters off the page, the fire would turn letters to ash, and water would warp and bleed the characters and earth/nature will inevitably take over one day.

We were delighted to be able to show the full series of large prints at The Brink in 2014 and since at the Brick Lane Gallery and currently at Keira’s collaborative pop-up shop Indie W4

Typewriter artworks: Keira Rathbone
Photographer: Johanna Parkin

Retouching by Daniel Thomas at Happy Finish