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Blue Anchor / Hammersmith Bridge (diptych)

Blue Anchor / Hammersmith Bridge (diptych)

A commission in the summer of 2016 to include 18th Century pub The Blue Anchor and Hammersmith Bridge. It was an absolute pleasure to find possible angles, and then to undertake as it is my favourite London bridge and I know the surrounding area so well.

Like most commissions I started by doing a recce of the subject with the specification in mind and produced a few sketched on site.  I then presented these to the client and we chose the final composition together.

I find the perfect angle which on  this occasion was on top of a wall, where the rowers bring their boats in and out of the water (I found myself in the way on several occasions!) and over a few weeks the diptych / two page piece was typed.  During the process I always take photographs and recently enjoy double exposure photography so some of this is becoming personal work also (can’t stop the ideas flowin’!).

It was great to once again gradually get to know the community specific to this typey spot, from the pub’s landlord , the chef from the other pub, the rowing club, eaters & drinkers and walkers.