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Limited Edition Print – Holly Village, Highgate

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This is a limited edition print run of 50.

I went on a recce day around North London looking for compositions jump out at me to type spontaneously.  Wandering southwards through Waterlow Park in Highgate I exited onto a road that led me past an amazing collection of Victorian Gothic buildings – Holly Village.  They looked residential and had an eeriness to them where parts of the ornate eaves had deteriorated, probably from a mixture of neglect and being host to bird’s nests . I wondered who might live there .  It was enough for me to want to set up my stool and study it – and what kind of life passes it by – visually.  Later online I looked into the history of these buildings, which I share here.

Contact me if you wish to add framing (floating/sandwiched glass with square moulding in stained black or white) £60 for this size and takes 2-3 weeks.

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Dimensions 13 x 24 cm