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Limited Edition Print – Barnes from Barnes Bridge

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This is a limited edition print run of 50.

Typed from life whilst perched on my trusty fold-out stool, peering through the squarish gaps in the barriers on Barnes Bridge, in South West London.

The composition kept catching my eye when passing over the bridge, especially at low tide when the river and its’ banks create a beautiful undulating shoreline dotted with stones, corroding bricks and river-dwelling birds. ┬áThe Bull’s Head’s distinctive roofline helped draw my eye near the vanishing point. I like being high up looking down, so the bridge provided the perfect viewpoint for some dramatic perspective, the transient people lent their figures momentarily so as to record an idea of scale. Outlines of buses give a splash of red but disappear quickly so it’s only a trace. ┬áThe piece was built up over 2 or 3 sessions , one at high and one at low tide, so it was interesting for me to capture a bit of both within the one piece.




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Dimensions 19.5 x 27.5 cm